Smell the flowers. I need to take a deep breath. Stop. And breathe in some of the beauty surrounding me. When I turned around today and saw that my calendar said September I just about fell off my seat! Where did summer go? Did I miss it? I’m sure everyone feels this way, but I just need to remind myself take a moment and pause. Take it in. Breathe. And stop to smell the roses …

At at least smell the flowers

Scented Geraniums, Smell the flowers | Kelly Orzel

One of my favorites this year was Mimosa – and that’s not only because a mimosa is a wonderful way to start the weekend. It has a deliciously sweet scent and bright pink flower. Take a moment to stop and smell the flowers here.

Mimosa Scented Geranium | Kelly Orzel


But it is hard to beat the smell of heliotrope just after a rain. Just lean in and smell the flowers. You’ll be hooked!

Which is why it must be planted not only in the garden. But also in pots next to my window and door. So that whenever a breeze comes by, or I brush by it as I come in the house I get a whiff of the sweetness!

Heliotrope, Smell the Flowers | Kelly Orzel

The Almighty Dahlia

And even though dahlias aren’t fragrant, they are beyond beautiful. So much so that I forgive them for not inviting me in with their non-existent smell. This year I’m growing just under 100 plants, and one of my new trials will definitely be making it into the big dahlia beds next year.

Dahlia 'Mom's Special' | Kelly Orzel

Mom’s Special is indeed special. The photo in the catalog doesn’t do her justice. Streaked delicately with purple and white this dahlia is showy! Making it the perfect focal point in an arrangement or bouquet. Now I just wish I  had grown more of them …

And that’s why there’s always next year!