I cannot believe it’s here and I love it so much! I think I may actually sleep in our new greenhouse–it’s that gorgeous!

Greenhouse | Kelly Orzel

Last year I was seriously outgrowing the current greenhouse space, and as I would jenga my way in amongst flats of basil, thyme and scented geraniums the little greenhouse troll would whisper …. “You need a larger greenhouse space!”

New Greenhouse or Not?

At first I ignored this. There was already so much on my plates with the work I already had. And how would I explain to my husband that I needed MORE space? I could already imagine his face and the silly questions …

1. You are only one person, how are you going to grow even more plants and have time to take care of them and the rest of the farm?

2. How is this greenhouse going to be different from the one you already have?

3. Where are you going to put it? I don’t think we can fit another building on the property and what about zoning? How are you going to pay for it?

So many boring, ludicrous and nonsensical questions, but that is how his mind works. And I had answers for all of them.

1. I’ll get up earlier (I may have been crossing my fingers behind my back) to take care off the extra plants.

2. This one is going to be bigger. Made of wood and polycarbonate to keep the plants warmer. And I can heat it (that last one may not have made it into the explanation. I can only tell CJ so much of my grand master plans, otherwise he thinks I’m complicating things).

3. And I’ve already decided where I can put it, contacted and spoke with a supplier and spent time over at the town assessment office and got the green light. All I need to do it formally fill out the permit application! Oh, and since I am growing every year, recently received my mail-order certification and orders are rolling in, I’ll just reinvest some of what we made this year into the new greenhouse.

I obviously thought this all through.

And, eventually, he realized it too.

The Greenhouse is Coming

By mid-winter I placed my order. While enjoying the Common Ground Fair in Maine, I cam across this company, Maine Garden Products. They had a sample greenhouse set up, it was everything I ever wanted. AND they was local. Really win-win in my opinion. I decided on a custom 20’x30′ Freedom Greenhouse. They were absolutely wonderful to work with!

Then a few weeks ago it arrived and up like a carnival-ride it went!

Greenhouse | Kelly Orzel

The only concession I made to the hubs was that he wouldn’t have to install it. That made him a lot happier … particularly since I may have mentioned I wanted him to build me some more garden beds and a new compost bin system.

He really is such a good guy to put up with me and my ever-expanding plans.

It went in a matter of hours!

Greenhouse | Kelly Orzel

I am loving the powered roof and side vents. All I have to do it set the temperature and it takes care of itself!

I really, really, really could sleep here!

Greenhouse | Kelly Orzel

Oh, and did I forget to mention benching …

Benches | Kelly Orzel

Oh yes, all new ebb-and-flow benches! When I was in college and working at a farm in New Jersey they got these and I was in love! I thought all they would ever be is a fantasy.

ebb-and-flow Benches | Kelly Orzel

Now in case you have not fully grasped my excitement, here is a taste …

I may have run and jumped around a bit too.

Greenhouse | Kelly Orzel

But how could I not? All my garden dreams are coming true! It’s just like Cinderella, just without the pumpkin and glass slipper!

Now I just have to transfer all my plants from the potting shed into my new fancy-shmancy greenhouse!