Scented geranium cuttings are a big deal here on the farm. Big, not complicated. Beginning from cuttings is like a shortcut to seedlings!

Have you ever started a project with a timeline in mind? And then it takes twice, scratch that, four to FIVE times as long?  Well, that’s about how long it’s taken me to propagate all our varieties of scented geraniums!

Scented Geranium Cuttings | Kelly Orzel

And that’s not even going into all the leaf and flower drying and essential oils we’ve been distilling from everything growing in the fields and hoop house.

Growing Scented Geraniums | Kelly Orzel

But with just over 50 scented geraniums (or pelargoniums for you more botanically inclined plant enthusiasts) growing for next year it’s been a busy couple of weeks months of cutting and propagating. Scented geranium cuttings are the key to building up plenty of plant stock for the mail-order portion of the farm.

Scented Geranium Cuttings | Kelly Orzel | Kelly Orzel

For many of our larger leaf cultivars I trim, no, make that cut down the leaves by half or a third in order for the plants to have enough energy for root development, rather than transpiration. This helps them develop stronger root systems much faster than if they had their entire leaf.

Scented Geranium Cuttings | Kelly Orzel

And don’t waste your money on rooting hormones – scented geraniums really don’t need need or require that in order to set root. They are more than happy to grow roots and into healthy plants with just some light, water and TLC.

Scented geranium cuttings are starting to sound much more exciting right? Take that confidence and start taking your own cuttings and multiply your gardens!