I must be the luckiest girl in the world … because right now I get to sow and grow all day long. All day. Everyday.

It really is not boring.

But that may be because I bring a small DVD player into the greenhouse and play 80’s movies to keep me company. (And it’s not at all weird that I share my favorite movie lines with my little seedlings expecting for them to enjoy them as much as I do.)

Soaking Sweet Pea SeedsBasil SeedlingsPropagating Seeds - Bowery Beach Farm |© Kelly Orzel Photography

So my world now consists of seeds, dirt and water. And patience.

Patience is something I’ve never been especially good at. Which is strange that my chosen profession involves quite a bit of patience.

Propagating SeedsBowery Beach Farm |© Kelly Orzel Photography

But each time I am rewarded with these little green seedlings I feel like a master of the universe (did you just pick up on one of my guilty-pleasures 80’s movie reference?)

Bowery Beach Farm Greenhouse in April |© Kelly Orzel Photography

I’m amazed that we started sowing in January and even though we have lots to show for it, but there is still so much to do. We’ll be sowing every week until July. And once we reach May it will be time to add outdoor and hoop house garden tasks.

Prepping the garden beds. Laying drip tape. Laying landscape fabric. Transplanting.

Watering (of course). Thinning. Pinching-back. And Harvesting. (I’m getting tired just thinking about it).

Bowery Beach Farm Greenhouse in April |© Kelly Orzel Photography

And in between all the seeding, I keep cutting back my scented geraniums. Making new baby scented geraniums. Now that is true magic! One day you just have this sad small leaf, and in 6 weeks you’re amazed it’s grown so much. I think that must be how parents feel when when dropping their babies off to kindergarden.

And that’s why I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I get to do what I love!