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My growing philosophy is simple: Keep it green, keep it organic. At Bowery Beach Farm, we practice intensive, small-scale organic farming techniques to keep my plants healthy, vigorous and productive (I know that’s a lot of adjectives, but stay with me).

Our plants are fed a blend of fish emulsion and seaweed, and we embrace the “no dig” mentality. I practice sheet mulching and a comprehensive rotation schedule to achieve rich soil, while compost and cover crops are used to build up naturally build up nutrients. Finally, companion plantings and beneficials (bugs and insects) help keep pests away.


Kelly’s Top 10 Organic Growing Techniques

1. Do NOT Dig! So important.

2. Landscape Fabric. (It’s literally changed my life!)

3. Two words: Fish Emulsion.

4. Regular Crop Rotation. Build that soil!

5. Crop Diversity, mix it up.

6. Compost, Compost, and more Compost!

7. Sheet Mulching. Whhaaat? You’ve never hear about this?

8. Pollinator Attractors. Bring on the bees!

9. Cover Cropping. Leave no soil unturned.

10. Beneficials. Yes, I seriously pay good money for bugs to arrive in a small Chinese food container in the mail.


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